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8 Dumb Things People Do While Dating

Dating is an art that you suddenly realize at the early 20s of your life, wherein every hot & beautiful babe you see your bae. Dating is the key stage of your love relationship. It’s the golden phase of your love goals, where you develop a healthy romantic relationship hanging up socially with your prospective partner in an intimate and open relationship. But believe us that dating is no bed of roses, contrary to its initial fantasy, gradually, it gets complicated and a dater started finding ways to get out of it.

Where there’re hundreds of things that need to be kept in mind for happy dating like using right kind of super cheesy pickup lines at right time and there’re few things that should be avoided while you’re on a date or planning the one. Since learning is not always knowing about do’s, it’s equally important to be aware of don’ts. Let’s talk about some bad date stories in today’s piece, that’ll help you in catching on to Murphy’s Law of dating. So next time when you’re up to playing dating games, make sure to give a wide berth to these 8 dumb things people do while dating.

8 Dumb Things People Do While Dating

Every Date Matters To Cite A Story Of Love!

💔 Getting Too Personal

This’s the most important thing that has to be taken care of, especially when you’re dating for the first time. It would be too early, to let your dater know about your hardships of life or childhood secrets or family issues. It’s good to develop some trust bonding relationship otherwise those love flames may turn into red flags.

💔 Making More Use of Your Mouth than Ears

God has given us 1 mouth and 2 ears, which can be taken as the indication that we should talk less and listen more. Isn’t it? The formula applies for dating too. Maybe bursting out of excitement or due to butterflies in the stomach, daters talk useless and ignore what the next person is interested in talking about. Avoid being talkative, instead listen and observe the untold fascination about your date.

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💔 Turn a Blind Eye to Common Courtesy

This’s for dudes who’re usually let do such things in order to pretend cool while on date. Make sure you keep the common etiquettes like saying “Thank You”, “My Bad” or simply pulling a chair for her, which creates a “GOOD BOY” image of yours. To be in her good books and make her feel that she’s with some decent guy, discover some old fashioned yet working good manners. Remember! ‘First impression is the last impression’.

💔 Don’t be so Interrogative

Mind that you’re on a romantic date and not for an interview or to answer the one. Don’t let your date feel like as if he’s the part of any checklist that has to be answer and judge on the scale of 1 to 10. Of course, some casual in conversation questions should never mind but too many What, When, Why, Where or How may spoil your date.

💔 Awkward Pauses

Some degree of awkwardness is obvious, typically, if it’s your 1st or 2ndoccasion, but that shouldn’t take over and interrupt the fun of your love gossips. Unusual, ‘Hmm’, ‘Oh’ and ‘K’ kills the essence of date and make it a total fuss. Those clumsy silence while sitting with your bae and the gesture of looking here & there, as if words evaporates, makes your sweetheart uncomfortable. Your efforts to make your date full of life and make the reason for exciting coming dates rather than making her think twice next time to be with you.

💔 Treat Her Special

Those who’re good at a relationship has the ability to treat everyone well. And if it’s about your honey, it’s ok to be little biased and tilted towards her. It has been observed that girls are attracted to those men who treat them like a princess and care for them like a child. There’s nothing wrong to pamper your lady for the romantic, happy and long-lasting relationship. Do something notable like cake in a heart shape or a ring to make her feel special.

💔 Flirting With Others

There’s no harm in exploring beauties around you when you’re in market-place or at club or pub but when you’re on a date, you fix your choice. In order to make your current date a success, it’s always been suggested to stay away from staring other possibilities around you and flirt only with the one whom you’re expected to do, who’s sitting right in front of you.

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💔 Waiting Too Long Finish off the Excitement

When you’re in love, even 5 minutes of wait seems like decades. Your partner appreciates your punctuality and it proves impressive for your love ideas. We suggest to all the guys reading our blog, to be before time on your date because girls mostly love those boys who wait for girls rather make them wait. However, if you caught in an unavoidable situation, quickly admit it and make it fix.

Make Up The Date, You Can Never Forget!

Wearing your favorite shirt with the perfect pair of shoes, attractive scented perfume and cool goggles are not just enough to make your date most memorable and enjoying. You should also pay attention to some do’s and don’ts of dating. No matter how long you’ve talked on video calls or how frequent you text your darling, a real date in person decides the future of your love companionship. When 2 hearts decide to date each other, an ocean of mixed feeling of love, nervousness, excitement and hesitation with numerous questions like, “Am I looking good” or “What should I say” and like things use to running in their mind. In hassle of that, it’s quite likely that daters opt some dumb things that should be avoided in the first place. Since dating is much like a game, everybody like to have the winning trophy. Whether you quest for your prince charming or dream girl, don’t be dumb on your date.

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